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Endesa X commissions two of Incarlopsa's four self-consumption plants

  • Endesa X has executed one of the most important self-consumption projects in the meat industry and in Spain for Incarlopsa: a 9.60 MWp capacity and an annual production of approximately 14 GWh, which will cover a significant part of the energy needed in the company's production processes, using clean and renewable energy.
  • Incarlopsa is a leading pork meat production and processing company based in Castile-La Mancha. In addition, Incarlopsa has been a client of Endesa since 2019
  • 100% of the energy generated by the 21,000 photovoltaic modules will be self-consumed by Incarlopsa's 3 ham curing facilities in Castile-La Mancha: Tarancón, Corral de Almaguer and Olías del Rey, as well as the processed product plant in Tarancón



Madrid, 20th January, 2022  – Incarlopsa, a leading pork meat production and processing company based in Castile-La Mancha, has chosen Endesa X to roll out self-consumption solutions at its facilities, materialising this project by commissioning two of the four solar photovoltaic plants developed by Endesa's subsidiary. The plants are connected to the curing facilities in Tarancón and Olías del Rey, which started their operations in 19 November and 23 December, respectively. Both solutions are installed on the rooftops of Incarlopsa's curing facilities and have an installed capacity of 1.2 MWp (Tarancón) and 2.2 MWp (Olías del Rey).


In addition to helping reduce emissions and their electricity bill, this self-consumption facility and the other two developed by Endesa X also have innovative technical features: the solution takes advantage of a significant part of the production plant roofs, using an adhesive solution that is attached to the structure, without the need for drilling. An east-west structure has been designed for other types of roofs, maximising the surface available for the photovoltaic installation. This adaptation of the design to the construction needs of each centre was a key factor for Incarlopsa, mainly because of the high value of the raw materials stored in these facilities.


Some 2,700 photovoltaic modules were installed across a surface area of over 11,000 m2 at the Tarancón curing facilities, covering 26% of the curing facilities' energy needs with renewable energy. Moreover, approximately 5,000 photovoltaic modules were installed at the Olías del Rey facilities, on almost twice the surface area of that found in Tarancón (approximately 22,000 m2). The solution is expected to cover 23% of the plant's energy needs.


A much more ambitious project


In addition to Incarlopsa's other facilities (the Corral de Almaguer curing facilities and the processed product factory in Tarancón), this is one of the most important and innovative self-consumption projects in the meat industry and in Spain. The full installation will have a 9.60 MWp capacity and an approximate annual production of 14 GWh, covering 11% of the energy required for its production processes and using clean and renewable energy.  In total, more than 21,000 photovoltaic modules were installed across a surface area of 46,000 m2 in the 4 plants, equivalent to six football pitches.


100% of the production of these facilities will be self-consumed by the 4 plants. Self-consumption, together with other energy efficiency initiatives, will play a key role in the decarbonisation of the household and production sectors. Endesa X helps customers install solar photovoltaic technology, which is completely tailored to their needs.


Davide Ciciliato, Managing Director of Endesa X, explained that "there is a firm commitment of large companies to the fight against climate change. The photovoltaic systems we have installed at Incarlopsa's facilities are a key element in reducing CO2 emissions during their production processes and are the best technology in the market for the self-production of energy from renewable sources. To create value, it is also necessary to respect the environment. To this end, Endesa X plays a vital role, thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience in decarbonisation and energy efficiency processes".


Victorino Carabantes, Incarlopsa's Managing Director, stated that "the commissioning of these facilities is an example of the process of decarbonisation and reduction of GHG emissions started by the company, within its commitment to create a sustainable development model, and its long-term strategy, in which innovation plays a key role".


SGE, smart monitoring


The self-consumption solutions installed by Endesa X for Incarlopsa feature the Energy Management Service (SGE) platform, like all other self-consumption solutions developed by Endesa X, as a means to implement energy saving measures based on knowledge and the digitisation of energy efficiency. In addition to the on-going monitoring and tracking of energy consumption, the solution implements a series of machine learning algorithms, so SGE can detect anomalies, additional costs or deviations in the consumption, monitor "ghost" consumption, control leaks or detect any other types of incidents automatically. Therefore, Endesa X can conduct "virtual audits" of its clients, detecting potential areas for saving which would otherwise not be detected in an energy audit. Moreover, Incarlopsa can optimise its resources, use them with a more responsible approach and achieve a higher energy efficiency as a result.

Therefore, after using the Endesa X SGE platform for the past three years, Incarlopsa has once again chosen this platform, because saving requires understanding the situation and measuring consumption levels.

Endesa X also provides companies with comprehensive advice throughout the process for managing existing support for self-consumption installations, which result in a significant reduction of the panel installation costs, making the return on the investment even more attractive. Endesa manages these grants for its clients, as well as providing them with the advice they need to choose the best photovoltaic installation option.


Electricity supply contract


Incarlopsa was already a customer of Endesa in 2019 and 2020. In addition, the meat product company will continue to receive advice from Endesa to manage its energy and benefit from competitive energy costs. The company will receive ongoing advice about the current electricity prices and benefit from Endesa's expertise and a wide range of digital tools and instruments, allowing them to take the best decisions.


About Endesa


Endesa is the leading electricity company in Spain and the second largest in Portugal. The company is also the second largest gas operator in the Spanish market. Endesa operates an end-to-end generation, distribution and marketing business. Through Endesa X, it also offers value-added services aimed at the electrification of energy usage in homes, companies, industries and Public Administrations. Endesa is firmly committed to the United Nations' SDGs and strongly supports the development of renewable energies through Enel Green Power Spain, the digitalisation of grids through e-distribution and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Endesa Foundation is also active in CSR. The company has a workforce of more than 9,600 employees. Endesa is a division of Enel, the largest electricity group in Europe. 

Endesa X is a business line of Endesa, which provides innovative solutions that support energy transition, turning the goals of decarbonisation and electrification into beneficial activities for cities, businesses and people in a constantly changing world. With a strategy focusing on digitalisation and innovation, Endesa X provides an ecosystem of closely interconnected solutions that turn energy into new opportunities for a number of sectors: electric mobility, public and private energy efficiency, artificial intelligence services, data analysis and energy consulting. Endesa X designs, creates and provides modular commercial solutions that enable everyone to create new value as a result of the innovative use of energy. This approach focuses on the principles of sustainability and the circular economy to offer households, administrations and companies an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation in the daily lives of customers, which are the focus of the company's strategy. Endesa X is a strategic partner that makes new opportunities a reality.  Endesa X is the Spanish and Portuguese division of Enel X, a world leader in the field of advanced energy solutions, managing demand response services with around 7.4 GW of total capacity and 137 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide, also owning around 232,000 charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide1.



About Incarlopsa


Incarlopsa, a family-run company with 100% Spanish capital and which has been operating for over 40 years, is a benchmark in the Spanish meat industry. The company is based in Tarancón (Cuenca) and has 10 production centres across Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon and Andalusia and it specialises in the production and processing of fresh, cured and Iberian pork meat products.  Incarlopsa's workforce has almost doubled over the past few years. The company currently employs 4,200 people, directly and indirectly. Incarlopsa has implemented a vertical production model that guarantees the full traceability of the production process and top-quality products. Quality, food safety and the respect for the environment are all included in the company's benchmark sustainable management model, in which innovation plays a key role.

Further information at https://www.incarlopsa.es/


[1] Public and private charging stations. Includes interoperability points.