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Emission Saving Tool 3.0: Enel X and Novartis launch the latest version of the algorithm to protect the environment

  • Announcing the launch of version 3.0 of the Emission Saving Tool, an algorithm designed to calculate the environmental and economic benefits of electric mobility in terms of emissions and noise pollution
  • The initiative heralds a new phase in the partnership between Enel X and Novartis aimed at encouraging Italian cities to take a new prevention-oriented approach to environmental problems and their effects on health, particularly in relation to chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases


Rome, July 15th, 2021 – Enel X and Novartis take another step forward in their collaboration on sustainability-related issues, in particular the question of environmental pollution in Italian cities and the associated effects on citizens’ health. The companies have in fact launched version 3.0 of their Emission Saving Tool algorithm, used to calculate the harmful emissions avoided by the use of electric vehicles, plus the related benefits in terms of economic savings and improvements in health. The innovative aspect of this upgrade is the ability to measure not only emissions of CO2, particulate matter in its different dimensions (PMx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), but also the reduction in urban noise pollution favoured by e-mobility uptake.

“The launch of the new version of the smart tool that measures the benefits achieved by electric mobility throughout the country, is an important opportunity to consolidate our relationship with Novartis, a partner who shares our vision of sustainability and commitment to public health” states Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia. “The Emission Saving Tool is a tool we created as a tangible expression of our belief in the importance of promoting electric mobility and today, with the added feature of quantifying the reduction in urban noise pollution by use of an electric vehicle, we show once again that the rapid spread of e-mobility is a consolidated fact that brings benefits for everyone”.

“It is time to be ambitious and create a model for the prevention of chronic diseases”, states Pasquale Frega, Country President and CEO of Novartis in Italy. “We firmly believe in a One Health approach where health, environmental protection and sustainable development all form part of the same strategy: a strategy designed to launch a new, more complete and effective model of wellbeing for citizens. This same vision is clearly expressed by national organisations too, which are tackling the challenge of national recovery with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. It is also a vision that Novartis shares with Enel, a company we are working with to consolidate a partnership that is proving very successful. We firmly believe that it is only by expanding beyond our own sector and including health in all our policies that we can ensure a fairer and more sustainable future for the next generations.”

In developing the new version of the e-Mobility Emission Saving Tool, the first algorithm validated by RINA certification body for this specific purpose and scope, Enel X drew on studies by CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads) which highlighted a significant reduction in noise emissions between 20km/h and 50 km/h. Between its launch and the end of May 2021, thanks to charging services by Enel X the environment has been saved the equivalent noise that would have been generated by over 30 thousand internal combustion engine vehicles in our cities in one year.

Also since 2018, economic savings from the spread of e-mobility, in terms of air and noise emissions linked to charging operations, are calculated to exceed 4 million euros. A very significant share of these savings is represented by the high costs associated with protecting citizens’ health, linked largely to management of chronic diseases.

The new initiative consolidates the partnership between Novartis and Enel X, which started in 2019 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding during the annual assembly of ANCI (the national association of Italian municipalities), the chosen setting for an agreement aimed at favouring a sustainable strategy based on an integrated approach to environmental and health challenges that directly involve our country's urban areas.

These themes are already examined in the study “The cities of the future - environment and health for more sustainable and inclusive cities”, published last year, which highlights the links between air quality in urban centres and levels of chronic diseases, above all cardiovascular and respiratory. The study was the first step in a process aimed at raising awareness and involving citizens and local institutions. Another step in the same direction is achieved through the promotion of electric mobility in urban areas, with its proven effectiveness at lowering levels of air and noise pollution, creating cities of the future that are increasingly green, ‘circular’ and healthy.

Here is the link to the tool dashboard: https://www.enelx.com/it/it/privati?#emes


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1 Public and private charging points. Also includes interoperability points.

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