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Enel X and Ferrari team up to launch the first Industrial Energy Community in Italy

  • The new energy community made possible thanks to the joint endeavor of Enel X and Ferrari will be powered by a photovoltaic system with a capacity of approximately 1 MW, built and managed by Enel X
  • Enel X draws on its leadership in the development of energy efficiency systems to strengthen the successful synergy with the iconic brand from Maranello (Province of Modena) and to offer the local area an avant-garde system to increase and optimize consumption of energy from entirely renewable sources


Rome, May 2nd, 2023 – A virtuous new collaboration has been announced between Enel X, the Enel company dedicated to the development of innovative energy efficiency solutions, and Ferrari, one of the world's leading luxury brands. The two companies have created the first Renewable Energy Community (REC) in Italy supported by an industrial company, an avant-garde system that creates value in the local area and further accelerates the growth of renewable energy in the country. The REC serving the municipalities of Fiorano and Maranello (both in the Province of Modena, Emilia-Romagna) will be entirely powered by a photovoltaic system with a capacity of approximately 1 MW that will be constructed by Enel X on a 10,000 m² plot of land owned by Ferrari, located adjacent to the Fiorano Circuit. The installation of the plant will be completed by December 2023. A key characteristic of the new REC is its “scalability”, as it can be adapted to other areas identified by Enel X or indicated by Ferrari, which will increase the generated energy available to the REC members.

“We are excited to consolidate our successful collaboration with Ferrari, which is not only a unique Italian leading player on the global stage, but also a brand that, like us, truly embraces the values of innovation and sustainability,” stated Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. “Today we are launching the country's first Industrial Renewable Energy Community powered entirely by a photovoltaic system which we will construct for Ferrari; a project with great potential, carried out together with a stellar partner who has once again chosen Enel X to create value in the local area both economically and environmentally. Energy Communities are accelerators of the energy transition, and we firmly believe that this first model can pave the way for others that can be replicated all over Italy.”

To construct the photovoltaic system at Fiorano, Enel X will avail of the best available technologies on the market: single-axis trackers and ultra-high-performance double-sided photovoltaic panels that will generate an average production of around 1,500 MWh for 20 years, avoiding approximately 650 kg of CO2 emissions per year. Thanks to this important project, which is the first of its kind, public and private entities in Fiorano and Maranello will be able to join the Renewable Energy Community, made possible thanks to the joint endeavor of Enel X and Ferrari, optimizing consumption by using only renewable energy generated by the new plant, or themselves becoming green energy prosumers by installing or connecting additional photovoltaic panels, for example, on their own roofs. It is a winning solution to maximize the benefits for themselves and the community, adding to the positive impact of the project on the area. The new REC is a further expression of the solid partnership between Enel X and the Prancing Horse brand that has already led to the creation of a photovoltaic system at the headquarters in Maranello, plus an innovative carport entirely powered by solar energy and built specifically to charge the first Ferrari hybrid and fully electric cars.

Enel X Global Retail is the Enel Group’s global advanced energy services business line. As a global leader in the development of innovative solutions to support the energy transition, Enel X Global Retail provides consumers, businesses and cities with a modular and integrated offer built around customer needs, promoting electrification and digitalization as drivers for creating new value. Enel X Global Retail manages demand response services, with around 8.5 GW in total capacity, has installed around 75 MW of behind-the-meter storage and more than 3 million lights for public lighting around the world. In addition, it offers energy services to around 67 million customers every day. Enel X Global Retail’s ecosystem of solutions includes assets for the optimization and self-production of energy, premium solutions for energy efficiency, and competitive and flexible energy offers, with the end goal of helping customers develop their own energy roadmaps.