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Enel presents the first “Electric Service Station” in Latin America, exclusively for charging electric vehicles

  • This groundbreaking project, the only one of its kind, will operate 24/7 and with a flexible format, allowing for fast charging stations to supply energy in a matter of minutes to electric buses, last mile distribution vehicles, trucks, taxis, and private electric cars, to improve user experience.


  • The “Electrostation,” already operative, will help reduce 240 tons of CO2 emissions each year by transitioning away from transport-related fossil fuels, becoming an incentive so that different industries and users can accelerate their transition towards electromobility.


Santiago, January 26, 2022 – An innovative project for the industry, which marks a new milestone for the development and mass expansion of electromobility in Chile, has been implemented by Enel through the launch of the first “Electric Service Station” in Latin America, positioned strategically within the city, adjacent to the Enea Business Park in Pudahuel and near the Santiago International Airport.


This is the first 100% electric multipurpose service station, which will have 23 charging points to supply electricity to different vehicles, providing a solution to the current problem of conventional service stations that offer gasoline and diesel, where the operation of a single electric charger generates long lines and wait times. 


“We are facing a climate crisis that requires commitment and immediate action. An effective response to significantly lower emissions is the electrification of consumption, that is, replacing fossil fuels with clean energy. This is why we are working to promote and enable electromobility. Today’s milestone marks one step in that direction, allowing for more sustainable cities and a better quality of life for all,” says Paolo Pallotti, CEO of Enel Chile.


The new “Electric Service Station” will offer fast, simultaneous, and continuous electricity charging 24/7, for buses, trucks, last mile vehicles, taxis, and private cars, thus improving the user experience.


“The progress made towards electromobility in Chile has no return in sight. Today we’ve marked a new milestone that confirms Enel commitment to the country to continue promoting groundbreaking, innovative, and sustainable initiatives that favor the electrification of transport in all formats, where we invite the different public and private companies, institutions, and industries to join us in this challenge to benefit the decontamination of our cities,” explains Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X Chile.


At the opening ceremony, José Luis Domínguez, Deputy Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, commented: "Electromobility and its implementation in sectors such as public transport, private and commercial vehicles, is one of the pillars to achieve Carbon Neutrality no later than 2050, since it represents approximately 17% of the reductions to reach this goal.”


Meanwhile, Marcelo Fernández, Deputy Minister of the Environment, stated: "Today we have a gap to achieve carbon neutrality and a very important focus is on the transition to electromobility, since transport in Chile is the second most important emitter of greenhouse gas.”


In turn, the Undersecretary of Energy, Francisco López, said: "We want all people in Chile to access the direct and indirect benefits of sustainable transport through zero-emission sources. Advancing in electromobility will allow us to reduce pollutants that affect our cities, thus achieving cleaner and quieter cities, and thereby improving people's quality of life”

Other characteristics of the Electrostation

This new electric service station concept will have a rest area as well as a biodiversity and environmentally friendly landscape project, advancing towards carbon neutrality through the electrification of the transport sector in all of its segments.


Additionally, 36 solar panels will be placed atop the awnings covering the different charging points, offering a self-generation capacity of 16.2 kWh, which will complement the operation of the “Electrostation.”


The Electric Service Station branded Enel X will have 20 fast and ultrafast chargers with 150 and 50 kW of power, allowing for the optimal and flexible charging of all vehicle types in up to 10 minutes. Moreover, with will have three other 22KW points to charge cars in six hours. The night charging times will be used for public transport vehicles.


The chargers will be online through the JuicePass application, a digital platform that provides access to one of the largest public charging networks in the country and manages electric vehicle supply, locating and reserving the closest station, and monitoring charging levels in real time, among other benefits. To use this technology, electric car owners must install the app on their Android or iOS mobile phone.


The “Electric Service Station” infrastructure is designed to be efficient and flexible so as to maximize its use and reduce 240 tons of C02 emissions in the transport sector. Therefore, this initiative will be a concrete incentive for the different Chilean industries to accelerate their transition to electromobility.


The Electrostation has multi-standard charging points, equipped with full smart network integration, power adjustment, and mobile connectivity for remote control and maintenance. The equipment is also compatible with the main vehicle charging standards found in the market today.


Progress on the Enel X ElectroRuta

The first Electric Service Station in Latin America is in addition to the Enel X ElectroRuta, the continent's most ambitious electromobility project presented by the company in early 2020, and which considers the installation of 1,200 charging points throughout Chile to connect the country across 5,000 kilometers from North to South, and thus guarantee the autonomy and continuing operation of electric cars. To date, Enel X has installed over 320 charging points in Santiago and other regions across the country.


The Enel X charging points have been strategically implemented along highways, interstates, in different industries such as mining, universities, real estate, and even restaurants, making the “ElectroRuta” a pioneer in its cross-cutting approach and technology, thanks to its chargers based on intelligent solutions aimed at addressing different needs.


About Enel Global e-Mobility

Enel Global e-Mobility is the global business line of the Enel Group fully dedicated to electric mobility services and solutions for all transport needs and is managing over 245,000 charging stations for public and private e-vehicles, available at the global level.