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Decarbonising Australia's public transport with electric buses

Published on MAY 10, 2021

Melbourne, May 10th 2021 - Enel X, a global leader in the energy transformation, has localised its market-leading electric bus (e-Bus) charging platform to support the electrification of public transport across Australia. Leveraging its international success, Enel X will work with public transport authorities and bus operators that are replacing traditional diesel buses with cleaner and more sustainable electric buses. 


The Enel X e-Bus platform includes advanced charging infrastructure to upgrade bus depots; a real-time software platform to optimise e-Bus charging in relation to both operating schedules and energy costs; and long-term energy supply arrangements, including options for 100% renewable power. This integrated electrification solution, which has already been proven in overseas markets, is unique in the Australian market today.


“Enel X is working to support the transition to sustainable mobility.  We are excited to combine our global e-Bus platform with our local energy market expertise to solve complex infrastructure challenges for Australian transport operators,” stated Jeff Renaud, Head of Asia and Oceania, Enel X. “We look forward to delivering a comprehensive solution that de-risks and accelerates Australia’s transition to electric public transport. In so doing, we will seek to fully leverage Australia’s increasingly abundant renewable power to drive these e-Buses, while ensuring that e-Bus infrastructure makes a positive contribution to the transformation of Australia’s power grid.”


Enel X is a global leader in electric mobility, with more than 186,000 electric vehicle charging points around the world connected to its platform today. Globally, Enel X has already been contracted to manage and serve more than 1,400 e-Buses to public transport authorities, making Enel X the largest provider of e-Bus solutions in the world today outside of China. 

Fueled in large part by the actions of the NSW Government, the e-Bus market in Australia is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, with many expecting more than 8,000 e-Buses to hit Australian roads by 2030. 

Around the world, Enel X is creating opportunities for people, businesses and cities to use energy in new, more sustainable ways. Today in Australia, Enel X is the number one independent provider of virtual power plant (VPP) and demand response services[1], and this move sees Enel X further expand its portfolio of offerings designed to support Australia’s rapidly accelerating renewable energy transformation.  

[1] Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 2019