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Enel X helps the Feralpi Group meet its sustainability targets

  • The Enel business line has completed revamping and energy efficiency measures at the Feralpi plant in Lonato del Garda (Brescia)
  • The energy efficiency of the plant (compressors) has improved by almost 20% with potential savings of over 900 tons of CO2 emissions per year


Rome, April 13th, 2021 – Improving the Lonato del Garda (Brescia) plant's energy efficiency and reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions: the Feralpi Group, one of Europe's leading steel producers, chose Enel X to help meet its sustainability targets and reduce the environmental impact of its production activities. The Enel Group's business line, which offers innovative solutions to support the energy transition, installed two new latest-generation compressors in the compressor room at the Lonato del Garda site, carried out an inspection of the distribution system, and built a new room in the by-products area complete with compressor, filter and dryer. Enel X helped the Feralpi Group by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the steel company's needs and developing customized solutions using the best technologies on the market. The company will continue to provide support by remotely monitoring and maintaining compressor rooms and guaranteeing their performance.

The project carried out for the Feralpi Group is a clear example of Enel X's commitment to supplying its partners with advanced energy efficiency technologies that help them to achieve their sustainability targets,” said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy. “We want to continue to play a leading role in the energy transition process. We are convinced that we can do this only by developing flexible solutions that enable new energy uses and guarantee a dramatic reduction in environmental impact, combined with innovative services that accelerate the transition to electrified and digitized consumption models.

“We produce steel from electric furnaces," said Giovanni Pasini, Managing Director of the Feralpi Group, "so energy is not just a strategic commodity, but also a tool that we can invest in to make our plants increasingly efficient, combining competitiveness and sustainability. This requires a cross-sector approach, including decisive action on the plant services front. Although it is not as obvious, making them more efficient helps reduce overall CO2 emissions and reduces the impact of the steelworks, something that our Group is striving for. The partnership with Enel X is a step in this direction.”

The project with Enel X was completed in February and will enable the Feralpi Group to increase the plant's energy efficiency by almost 20%, from an average consumption of 11,000 MWh per year to just over 9,000 thanks to the alternating use of compressors. On an environmental level, this translates into a potential saving of over 900 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Innovative technologies were used to enable the automatic management of all compressed air generation, with continuous performance optimization.

Enel X's cutting-edge solutions in the B2B sector will also guarantee a growth in sustainability for the Feralpi Group. This is confirmed in the EMAS Environmental Statement, the document that the company produces every three years to report its results and improvements in this area, a further step towards achieving ISO 50001 certification.


Enel X is Enel Group’s global business line offering services that accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. A global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, Enel X manages services such as demand response for around 6 GW of total capacity at global level and 123 MW of storage capacity installed worldwide, as well as around 186,000 electric vehicle charging points made available around the globe[1]. Through its advanced solutions, including energy management, financial services and electric mobility, Enel X provides each partner with an intuitive, personalized ecosystem of tech platforms and consulting services, focusing on sustainability and circular economy principles in order to provide people, communities, institutions and companies with an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation into daily life. Each solution has the power to turn decarbonization, electrification and digitalization goals into sustainable actions for everyone, in order to build a more sustainable and efficient world together.

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The Feralpi Group is one of the leading steel producers in Europe (1.30 billion euros in turnover and over 1,500 direct employees) and specializes in the production of steel for construction and special applications. The growth of the parent company, Feralpi Siderurgica, founded in 1968 in Lonato del Garda (Brescia), led to the creation of an international Group, diversified and verticalized upstream and downstream of the production and marketing chain. Feralpi's mission goes beyond producing the best steel for the construction industry: the group intends to do it in the most sustainable manner, by reducing consumption and emissions using the best available technologies resulting from intense in-house innovation and research activities. www.feralpigroup.com  


[1] Public and private charging points. It includes interoperability points.