jurassic e prix

Extreme E Season One finale in Bovington, UK

The all-electric, gender equal racing championship highlighted climate change impacts along the Jurassic Coast

Published on 22 DECEMBER, 2021

Jurassic X Prix challenge at UK Army base

Rosberg X Racing led by Formula One™ World Champion and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg won the Extreme E championship in the Season One finale of the all electric, gender equal off-road racing series that took place in Bovington, in the UK’s county of Dorset, on December 18-19, 2021. The final round was dubbed the Jurassic X Prix as Bovington is a British Army military base that sits just off the Jurassic Coastline. Extreme E is working closely with the British Ministry of Defense and Army, which has adopted a climate change and sustainability strategy to reduce emissions and scale up the transition to renewables. For example, the British Army is piloting electric armored vehicles and carbon efficient accommodation.

Racing for sustainable transportation

The championship showcases the performance of electric vehicles in order to accelerate their adoption and reduce transportation-related CO2 emissions. Enel X is the Official Smart Charging Partner in this racing series, whose central idea is that electric vehicles powered by renewable energy are key enablers of sustainable development for a zero emissions world.

Extreme E is designed to raise public awareness on environmental issues, seeking to highlight the impacts of global warming on the fragile ecosystems where the championship takes place. Extreme E is a partner to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign as well as Count Us In, which challenges its fans to take action to shrink their own carbon footprints

Jurassic E Prix Legacy Program

Extreme E aims to leave a lasting positive impact in each country in which it races through its Legacy Program. For example during the Enel X Island X Prix in Sardinia, the focus was on restoring seagrass meadows along the coast and forests on land after the devastating wildfires that ravaged the island.

On the Jurassic Coast, Extreme E is supporting the UK National Trust's Dorset Legacy Program to reintroduce beavers into the wetlands at the heart of the Studland’s dune system. The beavers' activity would restore hundreds of hectares of wetlands that have been in ecological decline for decades, improving water quality and restoring freshwater fen and pool habitats for other wildlife. With support from Extreme E, the National Trust will be able to implement protective measures so the beavers do not negatively impact local people, businesses or farmers, and to carry out engagement programs with local communities.

The race for sustainability continues in 2022, with a provisional calendar of legs in Saudi Arabia, Africa, Greenland or Iceland, and South America.

Enel X Extreme E video preview