Extreme E SUVs racing in Sardinia

Electrification in the race to zero emissions

The Extreme E championship highlights the impacts of climate change and points to electrification as the way forward in the fight to contain global warming

Published on OCTOBER 28, 2021

How is electrification a driver for innovation and positive change?

Electrification means powering our buses and cars, our factories, our cities and our homes with electricity that comes from renewables such as the wind and the sun rather than fossil fuels. It is a way to decarbonize our economies and our societies so that we can take climate action. Electrification also drives positive change: for example, cities with electrified transportation systems will have cleaner air and less noise pollution than ones where cars and buses run on traditional fuels. Electrification and innovation go hand in hand, because it takes new technologies to replace fossil fuels at every point of our chains of production and consumption. For example, it's not enough to produce energy from renewable sources: we must also find ways to stockpile and distribute that clean energy, for example by implementing solar-plus-storage systems.
Enel X video preview of Extreme E

What is Extreme E and how does it highlight local needs?

Extreme E seeks to highlight the impacts of global warming on the fragile ecosystems where the championship takes place. For example during the Sardinia leg of the championship, known as the Enel X Island X Prix, the focus was on restoring seagrass meadows along the coast and forests on land after the devastating wildfires that ravaged the island. Seagrass and trees are both vital in the effort to fight climate change, because they absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Enel X at the forefront of innovation for electrification

Enel X is the title sponsor of the Extreme E Sardinia leg and a charging partner in this racing series, whose core idea is that electric vehicles powered by renewable energy are key to sustainable development. “As a brand, Enel X is at the forefront of charging technology, which is essential for the planet if we are to reduce carbon emissions, 30% of which are attributed to travel,” according to Extreme E Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag.


For Enel X, the Extreme E championship and e-motorsports in general are a way to test and showcase technological innovations for electric mobility.

Enel X can answer your electrification needs

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Enel X has the experience and the know-how to help cities, businesses and people tackle the challenges of electrification. Our solutions include renewable energy microgrids made up of solar plus storage plants to generate clean power for factories, buildings and neighborhoods. We also design and build infrastructure for electrified public transportation so that cities can switch to zero emissions bus fleets, and we offer smart EV charging solutions and services for homes and offices. Transitioning to electrification through renewables is key to fighting climate change, and Enel X is committed to making that transition happen. Being a partner to e-racing events such as Extreme E is a part of that commitment.