Women drivers race electric SUVs in desert

Enel X teams up with Extreme E

Showcasing how advanced technologies can be harnessed for speed to power positive change

Published on AUGUST 09, 2021

Enel X is Extreme E Official Smart Charging Partner

Enel X is the Official Smart Charging Partner of Extreme E, the world's first gender equal off-road electric SUV racing series that promotes EVs as an alternative form of transportation and raises awareness about climate change and its impact on the world around us. The Extreme E racing series promotes gender equality in emotorsports by mandating that all teams consist of a female and a male driver, who share equal driving duties. Enel X has teamed up with partners who share the same vision of sustainability, innovation and inclusion in this global race towards a decarbonized planet.

What is Extreme E?

A car racing in the Extreme E championship
The electric SUV race series is held in five continents over two seasons. The inaugural season kicked off with the Desert X-Prix in Saudi Arabia in April 2021. The Extreme E race format is made up of rounds followed by a final. Points are awarded for the finishing position of both drivers as well as the combined times of both the qualifiers and the final. The standings determine which teams advance to the second round. The championship is designed to show that technology can go hand in hand with sustainable development as a tool to address critical environmental issues, such as the impacts of climate change on the world's most remote and fragile ecosystems.

How does Extreme E raise eco-awareness?

Extreme E is built around the idea that electric vehicles powered by advanced technologies and renewable energy are a winning solution to protect ecosystems and shape a new model of sustainable development. All Extreme E race locations, such as the rainforest and the desert, are chosen
to highlight certain aspects of climate change and to promote responsible behaviors and sustainable consumption.  The locations for the first season's races — Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Greenland, and Italy’s island of Sardinia — spotlight some of the world's most threatened ecosystems.

Where is the next race and how will Enel X pitch in?

For the third round of the five-event calendar, Extreme E heads to the retreating Russell Glacier near Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, to race on land that used to be occupied by the once-mighty glacier. In this part of the world, temperatures are rising at twice the global average, causing accelerated melting of the ice cap, rising sea levels and severe pressure on highly specialized animal species such as polar bears and ringed seals. Enel X is providing its JuicePump 40 Race Edition chargers to power the championship’s all-electric SUV, which is named ODYSSEY 21. 
Enel X is also an official partner of Formula E and MotoE as well as the  official supplier of the  ETCR electric racing championships. The idea is to showcase how technological innovation can lay the groundwork for a new model of development: one based on electrification, sustainability and decarbonization. We believe e-Mobility is a winning tool in the race to a zero emissions world. The future is in our hands: it is up to us to choose the outcome.