Enel X takes its e-Mobility services to China

Enel X takes its e-Mobility services to China

Enel X China is company’s entrance into world’s largest e-Mobility market

Published on NOVEMBER 10, 2020

Welcome to China

Enel X is bringing Italian technology to China, the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles, and it marked its arrival with an event for the opening of its first offices. This took place on November 19th: guests gathered “virtually” at the Shanghai World Financial Center, a spectacular work of architecture which is known as “the bottle opener.” It is home to both the Park Hyatt Shanghai, the hotel where the launch took place, and Enel X’s new offices.

The EVolution of electric mobility

The theme of the launch was “the EVolution of electric mobility.” The capital “V” is not a mistake, but is a reference to “EV,”  as in “electric vehicles.”  This is because e-Mobility is the main reason for Enel X’s decision to enter the Chinese market. The aim is to provide world-class equipment for powering a nation’s charging infrastructure, as well as systems and software platforms for both plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Sales of electric cars exceeded 2.1 million globally in 2019, boosting the stock to 7.2 million electric cars, a 40% year-on-year increase, according to the International Energy Agency. About 3.35 million, or almost 47%, are in China, according to the IEA.
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Leading the global transformation in the way you move

Our Brand values

Enel X’s new office offers an opening in which the company can bring its values of innovation and sustainability, its wide experience and openness to partnerships, to the Chinese market and its stakeholders. As a global player in  the industry, Enel X has expertise that will help move the entire market in the direction of sustainability.

Our e-mobility solutions

For households, Enel X’s JuiceBox range -- part of its assortment of smart EV charging stations for private households, businesses and cities -- will be the key product. JuiceBox provides the charge at a power level adapted to meet individual needs while remaining connected to Enel X’s smart charging platform. 
That gives access to a whole range of functionalities including remote management, scheduling, and other smart charging facilities. JuiceBox also won the prestigious 2020 Compasso d’Oro award for industrial design.

A broad range of customers

Along with households, Enel X China is targeting commercial and industrial customers, electric utilities and municipalities. Given China’s densely populated urban areas, the company’s public charging solutions are likely to see significant take-up.

Introducing the Juice range

Enel X offers a series of cutting-edge solutions to all types of charging needs for electric vehicles, ranging from home charging to municipally owned charging facilities for cities’ EV fleets. JuicePump is its fast charging station, which recharges two vehicles at the same time, and is suitable for urban areas, shopping malls, as well as on out-of-town roads. JuicePole is ideally adapted for shopping centers, business parks, apartment blocks, car parks and any organization with electric vehicle charging needs, while JuiceLamp combines latest-generation street lighting with two e-vehicle charging points with a power of up to 22kW apiece. Enel X already has around 140,000 public and private charging points available around the world.
In conclusion, Lucian Ion said: “We also envision exploring the introduction of other Enel X areas of business in the future, such as e-Industry, e-Home and e-City. We may explore other areas adjacent to charging, that leverage on Enel X other lines of business, for example, energy optimization of other assets like storage, renewables and flexibility markets.”