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XforSpeed: Charge Ahead for Faster Sustainability

Technology, sustainability and safety from the race tracks of today to the streets of tomorrow

The Future of Mobility is Now

In a world struggling to fend off climate change, we must leave a mark without leaving a trace, increase adrenaline while lowering emissions, and charge sustainability with more speed. No more pit-stops -- the finish line is near. We just need to leave the past behind. Are you ready to take a step forward to a more sustainable world? The future of transportation has to be electric — and we at Enel X are playing our part in the transition to a smart, safe and sustainable way of life for all. XforSpeed is that pledge translated into sports. XforSpeed also embodies a wider commitment, because racing improves the breed. Our involvement in electric motor sports therefore adds value to the solutions and services we offer our clients, and that epitomize our business.