eMotorsports solutions

eMotorsports Solutions

Sustainable technologies at the service of speed

Fast, Safe, Smart Charging for Sustainable Racing

At Enel X, we are committed to developing innovative new charging technologies for races that are both thrilling and sustainable. For us, eMotorsports are an opportunity to experiment, and to showcase how we find, feed, fuse and fine-tune advanced technologies that protect the environment. In turn, this helps us make even greater improvements to the solutions we take to the streets and to your home. Enel X provides cutting-edge products to ensure a fast, smart and safe recharge for your competition — including self-powered chargers that can operate in the absence of grid power. Discover all the solutions in our eMotorsports portfolio.

Enel X: PURE ETCR Official Smart Charging Supplier

PURE ETCR, a new championship

Enel X at the technology Grand Prix

Major sports competitions for electric cars and motorcycles are based on Enel X technology, and the related innovations are also having other positive impacts

Technology at the service of speed: the MotoE year

Italy’s Matteo Ferrari took the MotoE inaugural season title. Enel X sustainable mobility technology played a key role