vallelunga e-mobility hub

Vallelunga: the Enel X e-Mobility Hub

The first development and testing center for our electric mobility technologies

The Home of Technology, Sustainability and Safety

Electric mobility is one of the cornerstones, not only of the Enel X business model but also of our entire philosophy. In order to put that philosophy into practice, we need a place where technology can be developed, tested and fine-tuned. And that is precisely what happens at the Vallelunga Circuit, a race track some 30 kilometers north of Rome. This is where the Rome Grand Prix used to take place, and the circuit enjoys almost iconic status among Italian motorsports fans. In 2018, Enel X decided to make Vallelunga the location of its e-Mobility Hub. It entered into a partnership the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) Vallelunga, which proved so rewarding for both sides that the agreement has been extended to 2023. This coincides with the full electrification of four boxes, the installation of a lot of new, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a major rebranding of the location. In addition to the famous race track itself, the Hub will feature our e-Mobility hub, a showroom with a museum, and a laboratory. And that’s not all: Vallelunga is also the hub of the Enel X eMotorsports team. Just like Vallelunga and Enel X, e-Mobility and eMotorsports enjoy a symbiotic relationship: eMotorsports is the perfect “vehicle” to showcase and test the broad range of Enel X charging technology.