European Investment Bank, Enel X Together for e-Mobility

European Investment Bank, Enel X Together for e-Mobility

The company has partnered with the EIB to install electric vehicle charging stations across Italy

Published on AUGUST 01, 2018

An Investment to Revolutionize Mobility

The electric adventure continues with Enel X. The business line specialized in innovative digital solutions never stops in its mission to promote the culture of electric mobility, one of the company’s founding principles. Enel X is one of the actors behind the plan to install 14,000 electric vehicle charging stations  throughout Italy over the next four years. This goal is shared by a precious ally, the European Investment Bank (EIB), with which Enel X Mobility (a subsidiary of Enel X) has signed an agreement for a 10-year loan of 115 million euros earmarked for the infrastructure investment that will revolutionize mobility in Italy, paving the way towards a future of sustainability and innovation.

Our National Plan for e-Mobility

Our Charging Point Network

The Enel X National Plan, which aims to install f 7,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2020 and to reach 14,000 by 2022, represents an important turning point towards a future in which greater attention is paid to climate change and efficient, ecological solutions are made accessible to all. The EIB, which is committed to supporting projects that combine technological intelligence with low environmental impact, will contribute about 50% of Enel X Mobility’s total investment.

Enel X Charging Technology, Inside and Outside Cities

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Scalable, intelligent, avant-garde solutions for people, cities and businesses

Enel X’s Quick and Fast charging stations are the key elements of the infrastructure network that will be installed throughout Italy. The Quick stations, with a power output of 22 kW, will be located in urban areas, while extra-urban areas will feature Fast (50 kW) and Ultra Fast (over 150 kW) stations. This means nationwide coverage is guaranteed, both in the cities where 60% of the charging stations will be located and in extra-urban areas. The infrastructure also includes projects co-financed by the European Commission: the EVA+ (Electric Vehicles Arteries) project to install 180 charging points over three years along extra-urban routes; and the E-VIA FLEX-E and Central European Ultra Charging projects to provide high-power charging at 46 sites for the latest generation of electric vehicles with a range of over 400 kms (commercially available by the end of 2018), as well as for the new electric market that is targeting all drivers.

Public and Private Sector Partnerships

The Enel X National Plan can count not only on the support of regional administrations, institutions and the 350 municipalities with which it has signed agreements to date, but also on the partnerships implemented with commercial and corporate organizations, which will enable the installation of charging infrastructure in open-access private areas. The race towards e-mobility never stops, except for a charge at Enel X stations.